Snakes in WCs: Environmentalists task Nigerians on improved sanitation, fumigation


Some environmentalists have tasked Nigerians on improved sanitation habits and frequent fumigation to forestall the presence of snakes in water closets.

The environmentalists made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Wednesday in Lagos.

Mr Amos Alao, an architect and environmental enthusiast, said that the search for rats and rodents make water closet a safe haven for snakes.

He also called for closure of cracks and holes around septic tanks to forestall snakes invasion into the water closets.

“It is possible to have snake lurking in our water closet systems but not inside the septic tanks or ‘soakaways’ but around it.

“Septic tanks have feases in them and there is no how snakes can survive inside them. However the snakes can survive in corners or cracks around the septic tanks and ‘soakaways’.

“One reason why you can find snakes around septic tanks is because they are in search of rats. Rodents are food to most reptiles especially snakes.

“Typically, snakes do not enter a place and come out the same way they entered. When they enter cracks in the septic tanks they have no other place to come out from than the water closets.

“Snakes in water closet is possible and not fictitious or a myth. Snakes can come into the WCs through the pipes connected to them.

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“To prevent the reoccurrences of snakes in our WCs, we should quickly close up cracks and openings around the septic tanks,” Alao told NAN.

In addition, he said “Bushes and shrubs should also be cleared often because snakes are not far from bushes. Occasional fumigation in and around the home is also encouraged.

“Building constructions can also prompt the appearances of snakes, vibrations from the construction make snakes look for more quiet habitats hence the WCs.

“If you eliminate rats, you will eliminate snakes from gaining access into your homes, when you eliminate cockroaches you also eliminate scorpions from coming into the house,” the architect said.

On her part, Ms Gloria Bulus, the founder of Bridge-that-Gap Initiative, an Environmental Non-profit organisation, said that a tidy environment would prevent the emergence of snakes and other harmful reptiles in homes.

“The emergence of snakes in WCs can be closely linked to the tidiness of the environment. Are there bushes and shrubs around the house?

“Have there been history of snakes and other harmful reptiles invading homes in that environment?

“There are lots of questions around the invasion of snakes in water closet systems and to an extent one cannot rule out the mythical aspects of their emergence.

“We do not know how practical the advice of people pouring fuel and salt in their water closet is but we can advise them to keep their environments tidy.

“Possible habitats for snakes and other harmful reptiles should be discouraged to prevent further invasion.

“We should do the proper environmental sanitation and close possible cracks and openings in the home that would encourage the entrance of snakes,” Bulus added.

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