Netizens Troll Mr Ibu’s Daughter over Crash of 9 Months Old Marriage


Some social media users have taken to different platforms to mock Nollywood actor, Mr. Ibu’s daughter, Jasmine Okafor, over the crash of her 9-month-old marriage.

The content creator made their divorce known on her Instagram page today. Jasmine revealed that her husband had lied to her about his previous marriage and kids.

According to her, she never knew that he was once married and that he has 3 grown-up kids. Though admitting that their marriage was blissful, she, however, stated that his lie broke their union.

She recounted how she probed him about his personal life before they tied the knot. Jasmine disclosed that she found out about the lie from his mother and it really broke her.

How netizens reacted…

Reacting to her post, one xxnifesi wrote, “Lol she rushed in and rushed out …it’s well”

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One Chiroskincaeand spa wrote, “She better grow up!!! I congratulated her then but said it clearly that it’s a good but wrong movement. I said she will discover the real person she’s married to in the union and not before the union. Forever is a long ride, take your time ladies 👍🏻 remember not perfect man though, just know their flaws and decide if you love to ride with it.”

Itsbettysseason wrote, “This story is very similar to mine. I divorced my husband based on lies. People said “ Na small lie he lie, he no kill person “ my question was how much more lies does he have? Mine was previously married for 10 years and I had no clue. He was the kindest person/ man I ever met. I always told him you’re too good to be true, and yes I should have trusted my instincts then. The perfection in him was beyond imaginable. When someone is extremely nice, I can guarantee you they’re hiding something. A marriage built on lies never works, and yes I would have married him if he told me he was previously married. Infact my story worse pass this one, make I no write novel.”

Soma__chi wrote, “This is so childish! Very very.. you already filed for a divorce,you still Dey write I love you cannot even think things literally met this man in a space of how many months..wo make una carry this TikTok comot for my side”

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